Dogs, Chicken & Stars

Pigments of the imagination

In 1623 Galileo wrote in Il Saggiatore, The Assayer, that tastes, odours and colours do not exist outside our consciousness. They are sensations that reside solely in the sensitive body. Today we know this to be true- our brains translate the various wavelengths of light into colour.  In the dark vault of our skulls our brain creates the image in front of us.

 Size, Shape, Location in space and time, Rest and Motion- the philosopher John Locke called these properties Primary qualities. The secondary qualities being colour, taste, smell and sound,  are sensations- these interest me because of their subjective nature- poetry , painting , music are born from these feelings.

Paint is a luscious fluid, merging or separating with the sweep of a palette knife or controlled with a brush. The painter Robert Lenkiewicz taught me that “The palette is the brain of the painting.” and I use it’s thoughts to layer colour and ideas that are partly planned but also lets it evolve as it will. I never know exactly how it will turn out. I am not trying to replicate the qualia of red or blue or any colour,  paint merges, colour combines as the painting takes on a life of its own.  I draw or layer paint on top to let the colours tell their own story behind the layers. My story is the final layer; memories and experiences that are sometimes obscure, sometimes as simple as a ride in my father’s car.